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Saturday, October 09, 2004

annoying ads...

ok...i am minding my own business, reading the latest goins on in football and then ....from nowhere..... the most annoying ad pops up and starts to play some stupidily annoying music. At first I was shocked and then i tried to close the damn thing. BUT some idiot had forgot to put a close button on the thing...either that or i was soo taken by surprise I couldnt find it, anywayz the ad was covering the whole screen and I couldnt read the news. I mean "wots the point???" of having news that ppl cant even read ???? btw the site was www.football365.com its gud for news but when it has ads it can really get to you. They should just stick to the banners and NOT try to be too clever with them ads, coz simply put.... they aint, or are too clever ??? hmmmm......


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