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Monday, October 11, 2004

Main Library:Transformation

When people think of new look to the main library, they think of a black shining reception and ofcourse swipe card entry on the right plus an exit on the left....which is kinda cool. However, when you really think of the bleep..bleep sounds echoing around almost all of the day..then you might wonder if that annoying sound is part of the new transformation. Well, that's the hidden mystery!!!! Having worked at the main library and also trying to register as a new student plus a member of a staff has opened the technological bits to me. The system at the moment does leave out some of the new registered students plus staff on campus. Not only one has to wait and get their records to be transformed but sometimes manually enter that they are a part of birmingham. Also, sometimes the student id card numbers get missing. So, that's where when people want to enter the library, they get those bleep, bleep's indicating access denied or no record found or person missing!!!!!! This is how real world works!!!!!!! BLEEP'S :)


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