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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Trains and buses take the p***

I was on my way to newstreet by the catching the train from the university. I had to wait for 30 mins for it. What a way to make someone mad. I used to catch the bus, but that takes long as well and the amount of traffic it has to go through is unbeliveable. Sometimes you see 3 buses together on the same road and miss all of them at once, you get soo annoyed and you have to wait like a good 15-30 mins for another one. Anyways, the traffic lights on bristal road take sooo long to turn green and makes you think that the people who are in charge of traffic control are just doing it to p*** you off. Congrats, it worked. As for the train, the railway company should think of way to make the system more organised like the trains in japan. Probably they should get more trains to come every 10 mins. They would be good. Bus is system is ok but i think, there should be a few more buses and should be more spaced out evenly like being more organised.


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