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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Web Site Design

When designing web sites I normally look at articles that are writting about HCI on the internet when I cam across a really good article:


It shows that even a child can get frustrated at a poorly designed web site. I actually thought that this was not really true so I did my own experiment. I had a few of my cousins come round (boys and girls) and I was shocked to find the article to be true. When I left the room with the girls in, they call me back to watch their move, the boys on the other hand don't and are happy to carry on exploring.

Bordem of a web site also depended on the interactivity, I feel that this maybe due to the large text based content, if something is interactive I suppose it may have less text therefore keeping the child visually stimulated.

If anyone knows of any other interesting facts like this then please blog this post!!


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