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Monday, October 25, 2004

Your hand becoming a mobile phone??? how wierd is that

Ok, I know mobile phones are advancing but now its changing really fast. I came onto a site where by your hand becomes the handset. How cool is that. Basically, this is called the fingerwhisper technology which can turn your hand into a handset. According to NTT DOCoMO, a watch type device converts your voice into vibration and then using the vibration through the bones in the user hands which makes it into a type of receiver. Its got my attention. But so many problems i can think of with that design. For example, is that really healthy i mean you are using vibrations that are being passed through your hand. Not only that, how on earth are you going to use text messaging or photo camera etc etc, the list goes on. When your driving, how are you going to drive while talking at the same time on the whisper phone. Not only that, but you would look like a crazy idiot talking to your hand.


  • I know what you mean, definately not good if you want to drive, but then maybe they are applying this techonology for the wrong type of medium, for instance just think, this whisper techonolgy would be ideal for those in special forces like MI5 and other miltary inteligence sectors. This could potentially save lives, imagine people being held hostage (I know its rather far fetched but it happens) then it is so easy to make discrete phone calls to help officers on the outside convey their tactical narcotic teams to plan a strategy.

    By Blogger The Inspired Blogger, at 31 October 2004 at 16:51  

  • "Not only that, but u would look like a crazy idiot talking to ur hand."

    Well taking to your hand seems better than actually talking to thin air with a bluetooth headset, which seems a popular choice...

    By Blogger @rwind@, at 2 November 2004 at 12:25  

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