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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Indicators on some foreign cars

The one thing I notice about people that sit in a new car is that you get amused by them when they go to indicate and instead the car decides to give your windscreen a wash. In some countries where cars are driven on the right the indcator is situated on the left. It makes perfect sense, you want to indicate while on a round about you use your left left hand to flick the indicator and the right hand to change gear. Unfortunately Fiat and Peugot have not yet thought of this action when bringing their cars to the UK and all they do is move the steering column over the other side of the car. I learn to drive in a Peugot and it was almost like a fine art to juggle beween the indicator and the gear change. Now I drive a japanses car where the indicator seems to be on the right side of the steering wheel, making life so much easier. Unfortunately my car is an import so my radio doesn't pick up any signal and the handbook is in japanese, but hey at least the indicator is on the right side. :D


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