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Friday, November 26, 2004

Itronix GoBook Max: Fastest Notebook

Time, Technology and Travelling are the three T factors heart-rending the computing systems in today's world. Guess what? The Itronix GoBook Max is the fastest known notebook computer in the world as it's highly resistant and surpass even water, dust, drop and vibrations. It can also stand the most severe conditions like extreme cold, torrential rain and scorching heat. With experts' predictions on how global warming can lead human race to another ice age, one tends to think about how these machines like Itronix will fair superbly?

Although the Itronix GoBook is highly durable and full of amazing features its lacking something; An integrated web cam!

The days of text and multi media messaging have been superseded by live video conferencing. If there will ever be an apoplectic event then the GoBook couldn’t do without this.

With just a small simple addition of an integrated camera to this already top of the range computer, a whole new level of communication will be available.


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