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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Programs should learn!

I was organising my mp3 collection yesterday, a task that took me a long time because of common options taking a long time to access. For each mp3 file/album, I selected it then went to its file ID3 tag (I think that’s what it called) and changed whatever had to be. But to get its ID3 tag was a pain, it was only two buttons away for when organising so may songs it adds up.
What would have been really useful is if the program could identify “I’ve been doing this same thing for the last 40 minutes shall I ask the person doing this if they’d like me to make a shortcut key”. Unfortunately this didn’t happen.
Another idea software companies could develop to save users time would be when you right click in certain programs/icons/windows desktop you get a set of common options, if these options would move around according to which is being used most frequently. Its quite annoying when the option you want is in the middle of a large list, if it was at the top or the bottom it would instant to get to.


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