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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

SPV c500 SmartPhone

I recently go the new Orange smart phone, the SPV C500. This phone is very impressive – it tells me when police cars and speed camera are near by! And it has ‘predictive WORD text’, by this I mean when typing a sentence that I’ve entered before it knows what word will come next. For example I’m going to type “are you coming today”, I’d type are then press space, then “you” comes up, then space and “coming” appears!
An annoying about it is there’s no option for closing programs once you’ve opened them. And so they stay open using up the phones memory. To close them you have to go into task manager (which they haven’t made instantly accessible, its 4 buttons away) and close it from there. I was wondering why do this, maybe so the program will load up program instantly when you click on it the second time. Experiment – closed all programs in task manager and then I loaded up windows media player, took a second. Then I went back to the home screen without closing media player and clicked on it again, couldn’t tell the difference in loading time!


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