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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Stupid Frame

Hotmail has this really annoying frame that comes up whenever you click on a link in an email someone has sent you.
I find it annoying because it’s just this block at the top of the website your viewing that you do not need to see. What makes things worse is you can’t remove it easily. When I first came across it I thought maybe the URL address goes something like:
and all I have to do is remove the first block in the address, but no!
Instead, each word in thesiteimvisiting.com is separated and imbedded in a massive URL address.
Another thought I had was could this be some kind of security risk. Maybe that massive URL address displays my account details in some form?
You’ll all be please to know there is a solution to this stupid and pointless frame! Download the FireFox web browser and get the frame remover plugin.“I Like” (Borat voice).


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