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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Waiting For Web Sites To Load

I often visit websites where I know exactly how the site it laid out, in particular where the buttons are. And the immediate second I get the option of clicking on the button I want to I will. A popular example of this may be hotmail, once you login in you want to go straight to your inbox by clicking the Mail tab at the top, you usually don’t read the crap on the welcome page.
However certain web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer sometimes prevent you from doing this. They prevent you, by showing the entire website in one go, by this I mean you wait and wait then the entire page comes up. All you wanted to do was click on that button at the top so why didn’t you just load that up!

A second reason for downloading the FireFox web browser (the 1st is in my previous blog: Stupid Frame). Whatever graphic/button/text it has downloaded it will show even if its only part of it.


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