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Monday, November 08, 2004

"Where's my car?"

Last week, we went to attend a fair at the Millennium point and saw a host of people looking for parking. Well, everybody nearly got the parking space and it was quite a big gathering. However, on the way back, it was quite dark and a lot of people were trying to get back to their cars. It was quite an experience finding our own car in such a huge swamp and in an unfamiliar car park.
Yes, I was thinking of a design for that. “Car Finder on the Key.” If we want to spot our own car in an unfamiliar, huge car park and especially during night time, we must use this car finder. This could be like a small button on the key and on pressing this button, an antenna comes out of the car and a signal either in a form of a flash or a customised music tune or a combination of a two comes into the sight. And there we are…..Car Found!
I tried to look on the web if any such inventions or thoughts have put forward for such a design but couldn’t find much. I think this would be a great add on feature that cars can have and the manufacturing companies could modify this idea to customize this feature. Not only can this car finder can help us spot our car but also can be modified to an inbuilt chip, which can help us get more secure and vigorous environment to minimize the risk of thefts or tress passing. A signal can be propelled towards us when somebody tries to get in the car, while we are away.


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