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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Advantages of WAP

Everyone in the world uses WAP without knowing that they are using it. WAP means Wireless Application Protocol for those who dont know what it means. The only time i use WAP are on phones. There are a huge advantages to it such as the users of WAP will benefit from easy, secure access to relevant Internet information and services such for example messaging, banking, and entertainment just through the click of their mobile phones.
Intranet information such as corporate databases can also be accessed via WAP technology. Because there is a huge range of handset manufacturers that already supports the WAP initiative, users will have significant freedom of choice when selecting mobile terminals and the applications they support. Users will be able to receive and request information in a controlled, fast, and low-cost environment, a fact that renders WAP services more attractive to consumers who demand more value and functionality from their mobile terminals.


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