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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Design of WAP pages

The design of web pages and software as a whole needs to bear in mind the end user. The on screen display must be clear and the user must be able to move freely within the program/website. For example, if you wish to check the global news on a website, you would find it much more convenient if the news headlines were categorized.

WAP pages differ from conventional internet websites, due to the main constraint of the mobile phone's screen size. In the past colour has been an issue, however, with the development of colour screens for mobile phones this has been eliminated. Therefore, users are now able to view multimedia content, through their wap phones. Some are even able to present the user with short video clips that the user is able to download to their phone.

In the past there has not been a need to develop WAP due to the mobile technology lagging behind. However, with the ever increasing complexitity within the mobile phone industry, WAP is a gateway to multimedia and current events.


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