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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

How it works!!!

The blog ("How does WAP work?" (below)) demonstrates an image on how WAP technology works, I will now try and explain in words the way in which this techonology works.

For WAP to work it will need to consist of three devices:
WAP Device (the Mobile phone/WAP device)
WAP Gateway (the transceiver/converter of data between WAP Device and HTTP Server)
HTTP Web Server (the internet/companies intranet server)

Wireless Network Analogy
Firstly the WAP gateway, this performs the mediator between the two other physical devices. Image the following home setup for a computer scientist with a wireless network. Each WAP device represents a wireless computer, the WAP Gateway is the router and the HTTP Server is Broadband service provider.

The router (WAP Gateway) acts as a mediator between the Computer (WAP Device) and the Service Provider (HTTP Server). This sort of setup is mainly used in a telecoms network, where the WAP Gateway would be the telecom provider (3, Orange, Voda, T-mobile).

The Service Provider receives a request from the router, processes the request and sends the output back to the router, which then in turn sends this information to the computer device using it's wireless network. 

The More Techy version:
A WAP device sends the WAP request to the WAP Gateway, which in turn translates WAP requests to WWW requests, allowing the WAP client to submit requests (WAP address) to the Web server. After receiving the response from the the HTTP Web Server, the WAP Gateway translates Web responses into WAP responses or a format understood by the WAP client and sends it to the WAP device.


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