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Friday, December 10, 2004

Our Conclusion on WAP

After looking at the history of WAP, the technology behind it and several debates (some loud, some not so loud). We finally came to a conclusion. WAP is only in its growing stages and is still new the British market, there are so many features that WAP and WAP sites have to offer the public, yet for some reason it never became a big hit.

We discussed as a group the advantages and the disadvantages and noticed that the advantages out weighed the disadvantages, upon further disccussion we realised why WAP never took off. UK telecom operators over priced WAP and therefore it became to expensive for users to be persuaded to use such great techonology. We think that WAP has still got a long way to come and thanks to telecommunication networks like 3 and Voda who have introduced 3G phones, WAP is slowly becoming regonised with video clips. TV stations, like MTV advertise WAP sites to get free ring tones, again encouraging the user to make use of these services. When WAP first came to Orange, Orange customers were offered 3 months free GPRS, which made users realise that 1MB of WAP pages is a lot of pages. We think that the misunderstanding of users being charged per Mb on GPRS has also led to its failure, simply because they have not been educated enough to know that each web site take about 10K-20K.

WAP is definately a great techonology but with handset manufacturers now making devices that are compatible with most WAP sites. The future of WAP lies with the mobile telecommunication companies. Once they have made WAP more affordable then it will encourage people to use it, and businesses to adopt it.


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