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Friday, December 10, 2004

Thoughts on WAP

Well, what more can we say about WAP. The mobile phone manufacturers who represent 90 percent of the world market across all technologies have committed to shipping WAP-enabled device. So, this WAP technology will keep developing and the day is not far when you will be able to use WAP to do exciting things like watch movies or see the person who your are talking to while you use your phone. Why not as you can use WAP to download multimedia and viewing images.
As a group we have discussed how WAP has effected our mobile lifes. We couldn't find any problems. Only minor ones, but the main advantages are:
1. Ease of Use : Mobile device using WAP may be used by people who have no computing experience what so ever. How cool is that. Even my grandma can use WAP. Accessing Internet using WAP is simple and easy to use.

2. For Short, essential tasks : Mainly it is not for "Surfing the Net" as we do on the desktops. Subscribers access wireless data to retrieve information like weather forecasting, News headlines, Stock Quotes, Scanning e-mails etc.

3. Location Based Information System : Location based information can be provided to users using WAP. They are like nearest Hotel, Bank, Restaurents, Market Place, and path finder like applications which are based on location of user. GPRS is also being embedded to enhance this facility in coming mobile devices.


  • Also see my blog about te links with HCI and WAP where i did a test sceneario about location based system, also if your grandma can use it, then it also shows that it appeals to all ages

    By Blogger The Inspired Blogger, at 13 December 2004 at 00:35  

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    Frucall is a Web 2.0/m-Commerce mashup service which combines a wide range of technologies such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), XML, VoiceXML, TTS (Text To Speech), ASR (Automated Speech Recognition), SMS and WAP to deliver real-time information from the Internet to consumer cell phones.

    Currently, the information Frucall delivers to consumers’ cell phone is comparison shopping data. The format of delivery is voice. Therefore, Frucall can be called from any mobile or land line phone.

    Frucall has a voice portal (1-888-DO-FRUCALL) and a web portal (http://www.frucall.com) tied together with backend business logic implemented in Java, deployed on the Apache Tomcat J2EE platform.

    In addition to comparison shopping, Frucall also offers basic social networking services such as reminders and group messaging via SMS.

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    By Blogger Michael B., at 24 June 2006 at 04:20  

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