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Thursday, December 09, 2004

WAP: A generation ahead for Mobile Devices

The other day, I wanted to see the score of an International one day cricket match between England and India, the only device I had on me was a mobile phone. Yes, the match was interesting and it was all possible because of the WAP enabled mobile phone. Today we have a whole range of hand held devices like smart phones, mobile devices, pagers, communicators etc which have a technology called WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). This technique is a powerful tool to access information, sharing files and uploading/downloading data almost instantly from any part of the earth being compatible with most operating systems like Windows OS/9, Java OS, Palm OS, Windows CE etc.

Isn't it amazing a traveller connected to Internet via a WAP gateway on his notebook making his journey more fun and worthwhile? Accessories like WIN WAP( that's the browser used to access WAP services on regular desktops/laptops), Gelon.net (converts WML files to HTML files), Teraflops ( converts jpeg, gif and bmp files to WBMP's), Symbian (an operating system for a data enabled mobile device) and MobileDev ( a tool for developing wireless application programs) are going to be widely used standards in upcoming future.

Although run on a low memory device with low bandwidth device yet it is an emerging winner once a standard adapted by amateurs and professionals around the world. They said, 'Internet shrunk the earth' but 'WAP will shrink the Universe'. 'Who knows one can interview an astronaut in space almost instantly as others in the same session whilst sitting in entirely different parts of the earth"


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