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Friday, December 10, 2004

WAP’s impact on e-commerce

A major advantage of WAP being developed is the fact that employees can now complete transactions from virtually anywhere, as long as there is a cellular network in place. This means that employees have that extra flexibility, which could improve their productivity and increase sales for a firm.

However, having mentioned the above, the firm would have to develop special WAP pages to allow employees to conduct small parts of their trade using this innovation. Not only would the firm have to develop and update the normal HTML sites, which should be accessible from a PC with an internet connection, they would also have to develop WML, Wireless Markup Language.

Another reverberating issue would be the fact that WAP can only be used for small amounts of data, due to the constraint on bandwidth. This means that some of the functionality will not be achievable, ergo, the employee may still have to access the HTML sites in order to finalise business deals.

In addition to allowing employees to finalise deals, the firms could also present a virtual shop to users from which they can order goods from. Although WAP does not have high security, this functionality could be achieved. However, the company needs to have a good infrastructure in order to deal with enquiries of such a nature as an order could be placed at anytime and from anyplace. Also due to the display constraints, mentioned in a previous blog, of mobile phones, the information must be displayed to make it easy for the viewer to easily digest the information.


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